Companies that are part of #Swedishhotspot

Winningtemp is an app that measures and visualizes people’s development and wellbeing in an organization in realtime

Health Wellbeing Artificial Intelligence Analytics Big Data

Spintr AB
SPINTR is a social collaboration product that helps tens of thousands to collaborate and communicate successfully on a daily basis.

Enterprise Software

Byggvarulistan i Sverige AB
BuildFlow – building material services for a digital future

E-commerce Online marketplaces Analytics Big data Artificial Intelligence

Happy L-Lord AB (Adventure Box)
Adventure Box makes it easy and fun to make, share and play 3D games online

Mobile Gaming & Education

Spotscale AB
Spotscale's cloud service generates 3D models of neighborhoods world wide from drone imagery, for AR/VR experiences in real estate and construction

Augmented Reality Analytics Big Data Virtual Reality

The all-in-one collaboration app for converting websites. Meet a designer and break free.

SaaS E-Commerce UX — App Fintech

Bitrefill lets you top up any prepaid mobile phone using bitcoin. We support prepaid SIM cards from over 600 operators in 150 countries. Using Bitcoin allows us to cut costs, and pass the savings on to you.

Blockchain Online marketplaces E-commerce

Friendbase AB
Friendbase is a fun packed, activity driven virtual world where young people from all over the world play games, create content and meet new people in a fun and friendly place.

Social Media Messaging Augmented Reality Gaming & Education

An "airbnb" for people with special needs (disabilities, elders).

Travel Health

Otivr is a one-stop B2B Marketplace with exclusive access to Top IT Partners at competitive rates

E-commerce Online marketplaces

Improve your life through food

Wellbeing Food Health

Smart Video
Smart Video is a self-optimising video platform that increases online sales

Online marketplaces Media E-commerce

Strossle is a technology company helping online media to boost traffic and introduce new revenue streams

Messaging Media Blockchain Social Media

Embedded Computer Vision and Deep Learning Technology

Robotics Automotive Artificial Intelligence

Visiba Care AB
Visiba Care is an e-health platform that allows healthcare providers to open their own digital practice. Visiba Care develops sustainable healthcare that is simple to use and accessible to all.

Health Wellbeing

Ticketbird AB
Ticketbird, the right hand side of everything. One of the first suggestion engine in the world!

Artificial Intelligence Enterprise Software E-commerce Online marketplaces

Global reach for SaaS through edge cloud computing, reducing transactions, operational and development costs, increasing addressable market.

Mobile On-demand Services Enterprise Software

APPRL - Scalable Influencer Marketing for Digital Retailers

E-commerce Online marketplaces Artificial Intelligence Media

"Greenely strives to meet the growing needs of the modern energy consumer in a digital platform requiring no additional hardware."

Analytics Big Data Cleantech & Energy

Trustcruit collects feedback from candidates in the recruitment process and helps companies turn more candidates into promoters

Enterprise Software Analytics Big Data

CloudBackend is the backend for SaaS & apps, removing all server code & enabling intelligent edge cloud computing, disrupting IaaS and PaaS.

Analytics Big Data Industrial internet IoT Enterprise Software

123on are fans of passionate talents and amazing content creators and helps make their passion become their profession

Social Media Messaging Media

Project Cosimo
AI automation for back-office in large enterprises

Artificial Intelligence Enterprise Software Fintech Insurance

Doktorse is a digital healthcare provider with the ability to triage, filter, solve or coordinate further into the physical realm, nearly all types of medical errands.

On-demand Services Health Wellbeing

MediCheck AB
MediCheck provides a shortcut to your medical specialist

E-commerce Online marketplaces Health Wellbeing

Hearezanz AB
Hearezanz - Personalized music for everyone

Music Entertainment Mobile

Shopit Online Europe AB
Shopit is categorizing all physical products found online and using big data machine learning and AI technology to create THE Shopping Search Engine.

Artificial Intelligence E-commerce Online marketplaces Analytics Big Data

Inkassogram AB
Inkassogram is FinTech company with a highly efficient end-to-end digital platform fully automated from invoicing to debt collection and e-suit.

Fintech Insurance

Sensative AB
Sensative has developed Strips, an invisible window & door sensor for smart home & home security market.

Industrial internet IoT

Realisator Robotics AB
The Firefighting Robot FUMO - for a better work environment and safer undertakings

Robotics Virtual Reality Artificial Intelligence IoT